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In 1996, I got my first Mac, and along with it, a rip-roaring T1 connection to the net. I downloaded tons and tons of icons. Being an art major, it was only natural that I got an urge to make my own. I cranked up Photoshop, and started in (see Method). A lot of the icons were pieces icon of other projects. I also did some of the, "work large, then shrink it down" stuff...and learned it didn't get me what I wanted. Finally, I ended up with Gort's Icons: Volume 1. "Gort" was a my nickname on BBS's, so very long ago...it had no relation to the robot from "The Earth Stood Still"...my first choice was "Trog", but then I thought it sounded better backward...Gort. Later, when people would send me messages consisting of "Klaatu Barada Niktu", I learned of the other Gort. I wanted an even number of 50 icons...but I ran out of juice, and only did 45. Since then, that's been the magic number...all the volumes are 45 icons. Anyway, I uploaded the collection to InfoMac. When it was posted, I started getting email from strangers, praising them, and asking for more...it was a weird and exhilerating feeling, and it prompted Volume 2...which got even more feedback...so on, and so forth.

Along the way were two Pixelpalooza awards (see Awards)...the chat-based awards ceremony was one of my most cherished icon memories. Hanging out with all the greats was just awesome.

In college, I had scads of free time...I'm not sure why, but I did. Free time makes for lots of icons. Once I graduated, got a job, a house, and some freelance projects...criminy...time for Gort's Icons icon-making shrank dramatically. I'm trying to rectify that situation. I just can't take the heart-rending email..."Gort! where are the new icons? my heart is black with despair!"..."Gort! Are you dead?"...etc.

Volume 5 was my first 32-bit set. It's main reason for being was Pixelpalooza. I didn't get my 45 done, which was discouraging, but it won anyway, which was fabulous. After Pixelpalooza, I started finishing the set. Around that time, I switched to Mac OS X, and decided to add 128x128 versions to Volume 5. That caused the already slow production pace to drop to even lower speeds. Blowing up 32x32's to 128x128's is lots of work...but worth it. Then it was done. But the website wasn't. ARG. So I chugged through through the horribly long "update-a-site-that-hasn't-really-been-updated-in-a-year-or-two-and-toss-in-some-web-standards-stuff" thing. So finally, I'm here...website's done, Volume 5 is released.



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