What's New
May 23 2008 Wow...this site is duuuusty. Cleaning up the worst offenders:
- Updated Macs
- Updated My Computers
- Moved the St. Francis Alumni Show artwork to the Art section
- Added some CSS text shadowing...fancy! For Safari users, it looks like.
Jan 28 2007 - Added some new links (Eli's site, and iusethis.com)
Sept 20 2006 - New main page! Terrifico.
- Brought back the collaborative artwork Mark and I did
Aug 9 2006 - Shined up bits and parts...lots of little things. Real updates continue to sizzle on the middle burner (not the back, mind you).
- New quote from Dandy
Dec 16 2005 - ALL. NEW. ART. GALLERY. !!! ... My Art.
- Made the nav links bigger and brighter.
Oct 23 2005 - 2 new Quotes, from Lark, and CheeseSnob
Oct 07 2005 - New section! Quotes. Finally.
- Gort's Icons: Moved Volume 6 into the download list, updated News
Oct 05 2005 - Suddenly remembered that I had a website, updated a bit...
- Links: added Doug Tannas and Aaron Gulyas, cleared out some dead links.
- Macs: minor tweaking to bring things more up to date.
- My Computers: Everything is shipshape here now.
- Email: Redesigned it...not quite as ugly as it used to be.
- Gort's Icons: Re-ordered icons, newest first...people were downloading my worst work first.
- Gort's Icons - Peers: Cleaned out dead links.
Apr 01 2004 - Gort's Icons, Volume 6 [INCOMPLETE] makes its entrance.
Mar 24 2003 - Added 4 new entries to the Gort Report.
Sept 17 2002 - Added "Koala-Bat" background.
Sept 9 2002 - Added Henwen, PPP Monitor, and Aliens Vs. Predator icons to the freelance page.

- Added descriptions and some links to the links page.

Sept 4 2002 - Added two Gort Report items (Tobasco cooking and Voice Filtering).