photo album

Here we have photos of people I know, accompanied by insightful commentary and out-of-context quotes (for the real out of context quote collection, look ye here).

Dances are not for socializing; they are for showing off engineering skills.

Sarah: "Am I playing with a full deck of cards? No, I'm not."

Andy's newest pickup line: "Meet my meat!"

Who is that dashing young fellow with the mouth full of blood and guaze?

Sarah: "I will push you into traffic if it gets me to the bathroom faster."

Mark fancies himself a pinball wizard. Rod knows better.

Ever since "THE INCIDENT", Andy needs to be supervised when he's dressing. Rod drew the short straw that day.

Sarah is trapped in a laundry basket. To this very day.

Sarah: "I'm proud of my smells."

What do you call this? L...light? It burns my peepers!

Andy: "You can put on some pants. I'll wait." *

Rod: "Ned Beaty is catnip to hillbillies."
Eric: "Sushi, it's full of fishy goodness."
Erin: "Obviously, neither of you are right in the head. The authorities have been notified."

Sarah, watch me strangle Mark! Quit struggling,'re making me look bad.

Tony: "My slobber is like cobra spit." *

Rod: "Burgerpants. you are my burgerpants."
Andy: "That is fan-tastic, Rod!"
Mark: "Mmmmhm. Fan-tastic."

Mark: BACK AWAY, MAN, IT WILL KILL US ALL!!! (notice how the grill leans toward them, menacingly)

Rod, in Suave Doctor Mode. "Who's the heppest cardiologist in town? Me."

Andy, Destroyer of Toilets, sizes up his next victim.